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Subway Map targets


We have created a new line of speed and accuracy paper targets (20"x26"). We are calling it the Subway Map target. It resembles a subway map with colored lines and stops (circles and squares) along the route. The competition starts when a color is called out and the shooters must start at one end and follow the correct line placing a single round in each stop before moving to the next until they have completed the route. The first shooter to finish the route and holster is the winner. Distance to target can be adjusted based on ability of shooters.

Variation: Two colors can be called out and the shooter must start on the first color called and transfer to the second color at a transfer stop (square).


Currently orders can be taken by visiting the KJGallickDesigns store at www.rangegolf.storenvy.com or email at kevin@range-golf.com.  Major credit cards, checks and money orders are accepted.  Targets are sold individually.  The price is $1.00 per target plus any shipping costs.

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