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RangeGolf handgun targets

More than just a paper target...

was designed to stress handgun marksmanship fundamentals. In addition to the training aspect, RangeGolf is perfect for handgun competition.

RangeGolf was developed by a veteran law enforcement officer with a Marine Corps background and years of firearms training.

RangeGolf Rules:

The game of RangeGolf is very simple and similar to the actual game of golf. The winner is the participant with the lowest overall score. The score is the number of shots it takes to put a round in the hole.
In RangeGolf a specially designed target is used and instead of clubs you use your handgun. There's less walking involved and a cart is optional. The targets measure 20" x 26" and simulate aerial views of golf course holes and include out-of-bounds areas, fairways, water hazards, sand traps, trees, and of course the hole. These targets were developed for handguns of any caliber and with open sights only.

The players tee off from the 20-yard line. By "teeing off" I mean taking your first shot. The tee off distance can be increased to raise the level of difficulty. The players next shot is determined by where the round strikes the target. For example, if the round strikes in the 10-ring then the player will move up to the 10-yard line and take his second shot. You continue in this manner until the player gets the round in the hole. But, you need to be aware of the hazards. If a round strikes the white area indicated with a "P," which is the out-of-bounds area, then a Penalty stroke is assessed and you shoot again from the tee. If a round strikes a water hazard with a "P" and a number, then a Penalty stroke is assessed and the player takes his next shot from whatever yard line is next to the "P." The number of shots taken becomes your score for the hole.

Be aware that the hole is not always placed in the 5-yard area and may be located in the 10 or 15 yard areas, therefore, in that situation, aiming for the 5-yard area to get yourself closer may be the better strategy. See example to left.

Currently we have many different hole targets to choose from. The Hollow Point Golf Course, Trigger Springs Golf Course, Rolling Thunder Golf Course and Shooting Springs Golf Course are available and are each made up of 18 different hole targets. That makes 72 hole targets of varying difficulty and strategy. See below for a list of holes. Other courses are under construction. Holes can be arranged in any order. More holes are being designed and will be listed as they become available. Custom courses can be designed upon request.


Currently orders can be taken by visiting the KJGallickDesigns store at www.rangegolf.storenvy.com or email at kevin@range-golf.com. Major credit cards, checks and money orders are accepted. Targets are sold in sets of nine holes, either front nine or back nine. Each set sold includes two scorecards and an instruction sheet. The price for a set of nine holes is $15 plus any shipping costs.

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